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220V AC speed control motor at the start of a sudden speed up how to solve

A 220V AC motor, drive belt running, the way to connect with the motor belt through the synchronous belt drives, running suddenly back in the moment to start to accelerate the speed, then restored to running smoothly, due to the positioning of the workpiece in the belt, fast in speed of the moment, will shift the workpiece the motor is running environment, frequent start and stop, the speed is very slow.

The two question: mechanical problems, check whether the mechanical resistance phenomenon (including lubrication), and the belt may be relatively loose after the elastic acceleration of the static resistance. Second controller may set the frequency is relatively low so that the motor is in a constant torque limit current is too small. The belt motor drag to slow frequency motor or small driving wheel drives the driven wheel will be large, frequency controller elevation setting constant torque, the motor is not easy to control the low frequency is too small to limit the current constant torque operation.

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